It all

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I am only

a collection of my memories.

My body is worth nothing,

it’s what I do that lasts for eternity.

All of us grow,

this will never stop.

I must remember

we belong to all even that

which we cannot touch.

My mind makes it tough

as though it cannot handle it

but saying it is wrong for it is separate.

Many question, most ignore

that life itself can be quite sore.

Those that live in bliss, must live in ignorance.

Oh how wonderous, it makes me wonder about us.

I am not an artist, I am just a person

who’s brain will not stop questioning.

It gets lonely, but I know it is not real

for when I feel, with all it is real.

A flower makes me smile, so does a spider;

it lives just like I and the same it will die.

Will the flower or a dog

ever know how we share thoughts?

Through our mouths we speak

but this will change in 200 years.

Just like Troi we will truly speak our minds;

not hide behind words, causing despair in my time.

We’re advancing quickly, our intellect can’t keep up

maybe in the future we can patch up the rough.

But for now we cannot, right now we are us.

When memories are stored and replayed through the years,

I hope our descendants will share our feelings and tears.

It is not easy behind human, with grievances I have

but I should not be scared.

I belong to it all and all is inherently kind.

I will cherish my memories and love with my mind.

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